Trade: "Wow, he's much stronger than he looks..." by EccentricChimera

Trade: "Wow, he's much stronger than he looks..."


25 January 2014 at 09:48:38 MST

And here's something new, a trade with   idun, featuring his new chimera design for his sona! Awesome, I've drawn all three recent versions of his sona, now. :)

Unfortunately, my drawing of his new design isn't quite right here, but that'll be something to improve on in the future.

Here we have the first official meeting of his new sona with mine, and, of course, he's just discovered that my sona has shape-shifting abilities by stretching my tail a bit (along with his arms in the process)!

This...might not go well for me...


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    Quit worrying! I'll play pseudo-nice.