Brothers by Ebonyleopard



1 February 2014 at 21:48:35 MST

The Tech Mice. Genetically engineered marsupial mice who were implanted with cybernetics to regular and give them special abilities and powers.

This picture is Micro and his brothers.

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    Your characters always have great personality and emotion seen through their expressions

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    Awesone work as always. <:3

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    I've always loved this pic, the Tech Mice are awesome =3

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    And the ability to locate cheese within a ten foot radius. These characters are adorable and I've always loved your anatomy and detail work

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    If I remember correctly, the one to the left is Short (deceased in the fan-fiction story found on - I am sure Shawntae Howard is aware of this coupled with the updated version), the one to the right of Micro is Slash (or Flash), and the one to the far right is Flash (or Slash). The human in the picture is their handler/commander who, after training them in all manner of infiltration, computer hacking, etc. with standard military training, secretly escorted them out after they were betrayed by another human who worked for the 'main villains' (i.e.: the Makers) who caused the 'accidental' death of Short and sabotaged their base. The mice to the right of Micro, Flash and Slash, were last located in one of the ships that did not contain enough food for them to survive unless one of them was placed in a 'comatose' state via their cybernetic implants. Please correct me if I am wrong or mistaken, since I am not sure if this 'Micro's Backup Story' is considered 'canon' or not according to Shawntae Howard. All characters are owned and copyrighted by their respective owners, such as Micro(R) from Extinctioners (C) by Shawntae Howard AKA Ebonyleopard. He can be found at