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Lullaby Flight by EbonyChimera

Lullaby Flight


It was a cloudy night; the comfort of the moon's light denied to the sleeping world below. While many creatures had no problem in falling asleep, a certain little girl found the dark puffs in the sky most troublesome.

She laid tossing and turning in the nest her parents made for her out of warm straw, leaves, and tree bark. The Charmander peeped, and opened her eyes once more, she just couldn't get to sleep! Even with her dainty red bow keeping her neck warm, she just couldn't get to sleep! She could see the outlines that shaped her parents' body; both whom were sound asleep.

Her mother, a sensible, and kind-hearted Houndoom, with fur as black as the night, slept with her body curled underneath the neck of her monstrous father. A creature of immense fire-power, that produced an aura of dignity that demanded respect. His head nestled comfortably along her spine, his throat thrumming as he snored, with his tail-fire illuminating age-old scars along his face, and the rest of his draconic body.

The Charmander peeped again, but with more distress in her call; loud enough to slowly rouse the orange dragon from his sleep. He turned his attention towards the shallow hole at the base of the tree where the Charmander's nest was made, and blinked in confusion.

"Kindle? You should be asleep, go back to bed."

Kindle sniffed at the spicy scent of her father, and lowered her head to the straw beneath her.

"Daddy...I can't sleep."

"And why can't you? Is something wrong with your bed?"

This time, he shifted his weight, so that he was fully turned towards the tree, with his clawed fingers nestled on the dirt in a neat fashion. Kindle rose from her stomach as her father poked his head into the hole to inspect her bedding.

"N-No, Daddy, it's not that..."

"Hm, wait, I know, you have to pee, right?" He snorted.

"No. I don't have to go. I-I just can't sleep!"

Pools of tears began to build up at the corners of her eyes, which confused the orange dragon. Oh, how eagerly he wanted to go back to slumber, but he couldn't leave his little one filled with anxiety. He sighed, and closed his eyes, nodding with understanding.

"Alright, what's bothering you, little one?"

Kindle climbed out of bed, and hobbled towards her father, finally resting on top of his lowered snout.

"The sky, I can't see the full moon tonight."

"The moon? The moon can't hurt you."

"No-no! Mommy says there was going to be a full moon tonight. The moon always helped me sleep after I saw its light."

Kindle clambered on top of the Charizard's head as he looked towards the sky. He noticed the thick, black clouds that blocked the moon's light from touching the earth. He smiled in defeat, and mumbled underneath his breath,

"Ah, Vertigo, why must you fill Kindle's head with silly thoughts of the moon protecting her.."

This actually made the Houndoom, whom was thought to be asleep, smile a very wide smile along her colored snout. Kindle's father, fully roused from sleeping, rose upon his legs, and walked away from the nest, towards the mountain that rested behind it. The little Charmander slid easily off of his snout after he dipped his head towards his hands, which he caught her in his make-shift cradle.

"Where are we going, Daddy Shenron?"

"I'm taking you to see the moon; you can't sleep without it, yes?"

He made his way through the dense trees that shielded the mountain until there was enough room to spread his powerful wings. With a few mighty flaps, he lifted from the ground and flew towards a portruding cliff top along the west side of the mountain. Kindle clutched her fingers against his chest to hold tight, and stared with wonder at the view. She could see the forest that shielded the mountain, the big oak tree where her nest was made, the giant clearing and the large house where their trainer lived. It was incredible! She'd never seen the whole area in one fell swoop before!

Her father thrummed loudly as the pilot light within him began to grow.

"Hold tight, little one."

Holding tightly was all she could do as she peeped in surprise as Shenron dove from the clifftop towards the trees below. The wind rippling wildly in her face as they plummeted closer and closer towards the earth; the trees getting bigger and bigger! They were going to crash! Shenron snorted with pride, and his mighty green and orange wings spread like a hawk as he pulled from the dive into a steepened climb. Kindle cried out of fear, and buried her head into her father's chest to avoid being pummeled in the face by the wind.

Shenron clutched tightly onto Kindle as he aimed for the black puffs, intending to do away his daughter's fear of a moonless sleep! His wings closed momentarily as he shot through the dark clouds like a bullet, opening them again to impede his speed. Shenron smiled a toothy grin at the sight of the night's 'sun'; an ageless circle that radiated a comforting light. The light illuminated the streams of clouds beneath the two as they flew onwards.

"Look," Shenron spoke, "Kindle. It's alright, look where you are."

It took a moment for Kindle to lose her fear of falling out of her father's clutches. Slowly, she opened her eyes; her crimson pupils staring in awe at the moon that bathed them both in its light. It was even more beautiful seeing it in the air than on the ground! The view as clear and crisp as the air that brushed along her face! She could see the distant stars that twinkled like a silent chorus. Constellations that formed patterns of dimmed lights, and even witnessed a comet that whizzed through the black and blue blanket with speed. Kindle closed her eyes for a moment, and took it all in with a few breaths, and smiled a big smile.

"Oh, daddy. It's even prettier than I imagined!"

"Hm, you're right. It DOES give off an impressive view."

Kindle, now washed from her woes and worries, snuggled her head into her father's chest, and shivered. Shenron thrummed a low thrum, the pilot light within him flaring one again to share his warmth.

"Let's... do this... every full moon..."

"We'll see, my love, we'll see."

Shenron continued to fly until the clouds reached their end. Soaring through the dispersed hole, he could see the blinding lights of the nearby city. He too, took a moment to admire the view of the vivid colors and flashes. That is, until he heard the light snoring of the Charmander clutched within his arms. Shenron looked down with a satisfied smile as he continued to thrum, and then turned his head towards the east.

"Sleep well, my flightless cherub. Sleep well."

Artwork © purplekecleon

Characters and story © kayla-na

Charizard, Charmander and Pokemon © Game Freak / Nintendo

Submission Information

Visual / Digital


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    this is beautiful, this is why I watch you!

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      The artwork was done by PurpleKecleon.

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        I do read descriptions before commenting you know

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    I'm such a sucker for stories like this. Truly beautiful are the words moreso than the image that represents it. :3

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    Awesome story! :D