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Character Shapes with Muzzless and Ebee by EBee

Character Shapes with Muzzless and Ebee


12 September 2014 at 12:19:18 MDT

Since Muzzless is about to be introduced as a character in my comic, I really need to get better at drawing him. So redefined his shapes (as well as Ebee's for the heck of it) and I've realized somethings I need to work on, and some inaccuracies I've been making when drawing him from memory. For one, I keep drawing his front paws bent backwards, when really their supposed to be vertical to the ground. I need to focus on keeping his back sloped, and giving him a triangular body helps that, but I also need to make sure I draw his legs straight and not bent. It can't look like if he straightened his legs, his back would become horizontal to the ground. His back legs are short and even when completely extended, his back slopes. And because his front legs are so long, when he sits down, his back is almost vertical to the ground as well. His claws hook up in a way that they do not normally touch the ground. I've also made his tail curl more, that'll help with the backwards direction of his fur when he runs, so it won't look like an inside out umbrella (that could be funny though).
Lastly, I need to work on drawing him with his mouth open. I love drawing characters with circles for heads but for some reason that makes drawing their mouth harder for me.

Things I should remember while drawing Ebee - her third stripe on her back is in line with the end of her rib cage. Her black "chest" fur starts where her clavicles are, not further up her chest. And for god sake remember, her cheek bones go long, then short like a side ways L, not the other way around! Nose to ear...not ear to noes (I keep drawing her cheek bones wrong!)

Oh, you can view my comic here if you're interested! -

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