Place In My Heart by EasternWind

Time and time again I would lose all hope and fail
My dreary days became rainy and from the rain came the hail.

I'd be pelted with life's troubles and so much sorrow
I'd cry myself to sleep and wish for a better tomorrow.

I know there's a place for me, somewhere I can only go
It's a place that's just for me, somewhere no one else would know.

But don't think me as selfish, for I am nothing of the sort.
There is a place that I guard that's stronger than the strongest fort.

It's a place where almost none can enter for I only decide who,
This may take you by surprise but that special someone is you.

Whenever I'd fall or stumble, you were there to hold me tight
I'd never survive a day without you, try as though I might.

You are my everlasting light, you help me find my way,
You'd always be there to guide me when night overtakes the day.

For that I'll always be grateful so know this to be true,
The special place in my heart is reserved just for you.

I have found my better tomorrow and hope through all despair
I only get this feeling when I know that you'll be there.

There's a special place in my heart, it's reserved just for you.
Now I wonder as I ask this question,
Is there a place for me in your heart too?

Place In My Heart


13 February 2014 at 23:15:48 MST

This was done a WHILE back ago. I decided to upload it around now since it's far more fitting.

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    Awwww, this is like...romantic and happy Shel Silverstein poetry. c:

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    you poem real good ;~;

    i cant eloquence right now