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Tridot by Earthbound



Just a person I've been drawing for the past couple of weeks.

Their story, for those familiar with bleach, is that they come from a long line of fullbringers that believe themselves to be demigods. Their founder tracked down and captured the hollow that attacked his mom and for centuries pregnant women of this family have allowed themselves to be bitten/scratched/etc. in order for the chance to bear the next in this line of warriors. All fullbringers in this family are born with the tridot birthmark under their left eye. The symbol of this family is the tridot within a triangle. All fullbringers of this line start with the hammer charm first used by the founder. The charm is kept with them from birth because by the time a new fullbringer is born (there's only one every generation) the previous one has since developed their own weapon. The shape of the hammer changes with each user. This user, who my mind has not named or given gender, happens to have a giant warhammer as their incarnation of this 'holy weapon'. For simplicity's sake, until they are named, this person will be known simply as Tridot. The hair over one eye is up in the air as to whether its aesthetic, or if there's something wrong (or special) about that eye.

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