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Commissions Closed! by Dyyor

Commissions Closed!



Upon messaging me to ask for a commission you are required to do the following:

  1. Read and agree to my Terms of Service:
  2. Provide references for characters, posing and potential backgrounds
  3. Be clear and concise with the details of what you want; I do NOT do artistic freedom, so you MUST have at least an idea.
  4. Be straight forward and polite, it will make the entire process smoother.

Note: I reserve the right to refuse a commission.

Note: What I like to draw does not reflect my limitations, I am fine to draw mostly anything except what is clearly stated on the Won't Draw list. When in doubt: ASK!

Digital Illustrations
Tier 1: Sketch
Single Character: $20
Additional Characters: +$10 each

Tier 2: Colored Sketch
Single Character: $30
Additional Characters: +$15 each

Tier 3: Shaded Sketch
Single Character: $45
Additional Characters: +$20 each

Tier 3 of your character from the chest and up
Single Character: $20

Tier 3 of your character from the chest and up with their name in the font of your choice, saved as a transparent .PNG
Single Character: $20
Additional Characters: +$5 per variant
Note: A variant can be the addition/removal of clothing/wings, different colors and even different physiques.

Backgrounds and Variations
Basic Backgrounds are free, these can be gradients, simple floors and simple scenery, Example.

Complex Backgrounds: +$15
Note: A background is deemed complex at my discretion

Alternate Posing/Versions: +$10
Note: Alternate posing is the same image but with a portion of the body moved to a different position, such as a leg or arm being moved to add a different effect in a multiple piece sequence. This does not include a completely different pose.

Similarly, alternate versions are the same image with certain differences, such as clothing/nude.

Messy Versions are free, this includes a precum and cum version if desired, but Alternate Posing still applies if that is the client's desire.

Discounted Commission Theme
Tier 3 of your furred character with increased muscle, fat and fur (to your specifications) to suggest preparation for winter.
Single Character: $35
Additional Characters: +$20 each
Note: This theme is restricted to characters with fur only.

Submission Information

Visual / Digital