100414-2 by dyslexxicon



13 June 2016 at 16:43:33 MDT

Another oldie, but still a personal goody. I have no idea have pastel goth/soft grunge/whatev fashion works aside from nifty eyeball jewelry and pastels and spikes and upside down crucifixes, so I was totally winging it on this person's outfit. Also I drew the hands terribly but OH WELL. Haha.

This was also an exercise in frustration in using the Wingardium Leviosa "swish and flick" method of doing lineart in SAI (which went okay, sorta) and doing pen tool cel shading in Photoshop (which went fine but was VERY SLOW AND TEDIOUS AND INFURIATING), and gradient shading (which was still slowish, but a lot better than the pen tool stuff). One must suffer in the name of experimentation, I guess, eh? At least it turned out looking nice!