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Hai I’m Dustin dustindahusky
Hello and welcome to my little patch in the furry community.
About me you say? I am one of the friendliest huskies you’ll ever meet, ask any of my friends and they’ll agree. Many will say I’m crazy, but I’m very easy going and chill for the most part. I cherish all my friends. However, I still hold the capability to be an ass and being serious when I need to. If you abuse the trust or friendliness I give to you, I’ll show you that I still have fangs under this fluff and cuteness. Just be yourself and don’t be afraid if you want to talk to me, I’m literally all ears. Huskies have the cutest and fuzziest ones. ^^

I'm sorry boys that I don't follow the subby gay husky stereotype, I don’t RP and I’m straight as a ruler. Please respect this.


Dustin DaHusky

Latest Journal

I'm back everyone!

I'm not at all too impressed with how FA is being run and how a certain individual asks for $20k worth in donations to overhaul and update the site which in sadness will never come to be as we wish.

So over the course of the year I'll submit and be active on this site along with FA to relearn how to use this site and get acquainted with it, I'm very sure its an easy learn as eventually I'll make this site my go to place in the near future. I'll still use FA for art viewing or staying in contact with those not making the swtich over, but I'm very sure that I wouldn't be submitting much there as the sparkle behind the site has kinda died for me.

Its good to be back in a way and there has been plenty going on in the past year that I'll be happy to share with you all! And there is still plenty of surprises left that are quite exciting!

From the one and only Curl! =D

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    Are you gonna make the next Madison meet?

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      This time Im not so sure, Ill have to see if Ill have a ride by then.

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        Where are you at, I might be able to give you a ride if I'm coming from the same direction.

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          If you live around the Milwaukee area, it might work.

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            Eh, shoot, I guess that puts the kibosh on that, I live west of Madison. Oh well, it was worth a shot I guess.

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              Also, I know its early, figured I'd get a head start though. Do you know of any body looking for roommates for MFF this year?

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                Not that I know of, its a bit tad early.

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                  Ya, it is. I just figured I'd start looking early since no one I know is gonna be going this year.