Mr. Numan and the Toys / Defacing Numan by duskysam (critique requested)

Mr. Numan and the Toys / Defacing Numan (critique requested)


8 April 2015 at 19:49:29 MDT

Recently I completed an extensive photoseries featuring Mr. Numan (a robot servant) and his alleged master Mr. Filbert. This was in preparation for converting these photos into a short fake 1950s trailer for an upcoming Sci-Fi Spectacular film festival happening in Chicago later this April. The posted photo is one of many that will be featured in the trailer.

Until then, I will keep the rest of the photos under wraps until the festival is over, at which point I will post the entire series on tumblr along with a link to the finished film.

Until then until then, here is a short unmasking performance featuring Mr. Numan struggling with his identity. Enjoy!

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    Is he undergoing the identity crisis of one seeing himself mass-produced, or is that the glimmer in the eye of someone planning something with those faces?

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      He is certainly plotting something with those faces! Whispering anti-human thoughts into their ears...

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    Nice noir lighting over all. It could use one more rim light to separate the dark 'hair' from the shadow on the left.

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      True, he could have used a little more of a halo over the top of his head. A small backlight would certainly have made a difference.