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Hello, Dunkin here,

I'm a 30 year old Digital/Traditional artist- I do both but due to my lack of scanner I only post digital artwork online- I hope to change that soon.

I currently reside in Florida- I'm a beach-dweller its one of my favourite things in life and its where I am the most at peace- This is good considering I live so close to it ^^

My passions in life are drawing, video games, anime and shopping. I also happen to be the proud mother of 2 children. My favourite person in life is my husband whom I've had the pleasure of spending 15 wonderful years with-

My favourite anime is "Naruto/Naruto Shippuden", "Wolf's Rain" and "Ginga Nagareboshi Gin/Ginga Densetsu Weed". I also love "Bleace" and "Fairy Tail".

My art-status is as follows:

Trades: Friends only- so most likely NO

Collabs: NO

Requests: NEVER

Commissions: YES

You can also find my artwork as well as prices on (

Most of my artwork is posted there and I'm the most active there-

I am also the proud creator/owner of the "Wagphon" Species (Also Wagon's)- These are currently a CLOSED species and I am currently the ONLY person who should have any- I will eventually sell pre-made Wagphon Designs at some point- but when I do they will be around $20-35 dollars depending on complexity- but right now they are 100% closed to the public- Please respect this as they are my pride and joy- I will be making a species ref sheet VERY soon- I will also be starting a comic soon that will center around my wagphon character's so please stay tuned for that-

Please respect all copyrights- anyone found to not be will be reported for theft. Thank you very much-

All my artwork I post here is all or mostly Digital media. I also write but sadly I am not confident enough to share my fics with others just yet.

All characters in my character section are (c) To me and shouldn't be used in ANYONES Rps' or Blogs. This also includes my artwork in general. NONE of is free to use ANYWHERE. Do not steal >:C

Most of my art is of Wolves (Among other canines), Fantasy artwork, and Anime fan art.

You can also see me on Deviantart (DunkinUchiha) and Nabyn (Dunkin), and find me on Youtube (Dunkinwolf).



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