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Names Ame or you can call me Skull by others who know me.
I am Digital/traditional artist who goes draws Morbid things? (if its considered that?)
But I like to draw many things that interest me. Here is small list
monsters, Xenos, animals, robotics, armor, and some weird ass shet. I like horror and video games.

As my personality history or something?
Well I am quiet and shy person who usually just hides from everyone. Because I tend to keep myself away from others and pretty much do my own things. However! when talking to me I am very chatter box and I am stupid. I tend to lose my shy and quietness very quickly when speaking to me. I tend to be pessimistic when certain topics come up, but that is usually uncommon for me to even do. Besides that, I tend to sometimes ask questions when its simple to what fuck you said?
Since idk.... I tend to see other people thoughts on certain subjects.

I like to learn person I am talking with from questions.
So that will be somewhat common from me but I won't do it all the time.

Other wise I am just quiet and shy person, but when talking to me. Sometimes I can over board on talking and being stupid. So I guess that really basic information really.

ALSO side note, I am one those people who are kind of hard to even get close to. Even if I make friends easy, only way to be more close to me is I guess talking? But that is rare to happen.
Another side note because why not?
There are moments where I just cut connection with someone, why?

Well I am caught up my own things and I don't want to disturb or annoy any of my peeps.
I give them respect as they give me respect. Also they have their own lives to tend besides talking to person like me? I have my own life to tend as well. So like I said I don't want to be disturbance to my peeps, if that happens. So don't be offended by that!

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Commissions are now Open

on 10 October 2017 at 20:43:07 MDT

Yes I am accepting commissions. Even though it's been while I been active here.

My Prices:

Detailed Sketch: $10


if you wanted in color and this specific style like this

It's only 5$+ to it



Detailed background like this 5$+

Colored "Soft Shading" 20$


Pencil shading is 30$


Shading with black is 25$


Cell shading is 20$


Mug painting 40$


Full body painting 50$


Addition to color is 7$

Pixel is only 7$


Lineless is 7$


Extra character is 7+ for all of them

Type of commission: (what I mean is sketch,monotone, soft shading etc)
Character: (includes references n stuff)
Basic info: on what exactly what you want and along with details.

my polices

  • needs to be USD and be in paypal

  • I can't give refunds (sorry guys)

  • pay in advance so I can start working it and give you sketch if you need any changes on it.

  • be patient

  • I can draw feral to human like creatures

here some things I'll not do:
Baby fur, scat, watersports, vomit inflation extreme hyper etc (anything that is little too extreme for me)

have any questions please send me a note.

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