2013-12_ecotage.png by ducky



14 December 2013 at 16:08:33 MST


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    Very cool and unique. Don't think I've seen a macro sized bird before. This is a very cool perspective shot of the landscape. Though I have to wonder where she got the giant fig leaf support?

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    Interesting character, would you happen to have a bit of info behind what inspired you on this piece?

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      Sure. I did this as a sort of a continuation for this seacreature piece where I started playing with the idea of super serious eco activists coming up with a way to blow up in size. There's this concept of ecotage that's short for eco sabotage, where the aim is to cause financial losses to discourage what they consider harmful behaviour. ELF (Earth LIberation Front) might be the most infamous of these things...

      So these two characters find out how to grow and they see it as a way to seriously up their ante, but in order keep their origin and identities a mystery, they suit up and act as some ancient divinities resurrected to put people in their place. The suit here is a bit hammy because it was an outfit she put together. I tried to hint this but I don't think too many people caught up on that.

      I read up on what sort of attacks these ecoterrorists were known to do, and sabotaging logging sites was one common activity. So there.

      What do you think?

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        That's a really fun premise! And a lot more creative than your usual "big furry smash things" pictures. I interpreted that sketch of the two characters hanging out as like, some sort of meta joke, like they're preparing for a play or something.

        I admire your subtle storytelling!

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        the fucking irony