[Trap] Lotus by Dubwolfer (critique requested)

[Trap] Lotus

[Trap] Lotus (critique requested)


9 April 2018 at 04:50:45 MDT

I don't need to make up quotes or a story for this one. Lotus has done it herself quite well, I think.

The original song took me 2.5 hours. But it's been 5 hours now and I had to force myself to stop adding tiny things. This is all original music and the Warframe samples were found on the Warframe Wikia.

I wanted to make something to sort of tell the Digital Extremes 'thank you' for making a product I've been playing quite a lot lately and for that experience to be free even.

This is not an ad by any means (though if DE wants to hook me up with a few dollars to say nice things that I'd already say... I wouldn't argue it.) but it's always great to see new Tenno.
You can play Warframe for FREE on Xbox One, PS4, and PC.

PC Users can download the Warframe client through the Warframe website, or they can download it on Steam. Unfortunately, there is no cross-platform play, but that shouldn't be too big of a problem.

Good work, Tenno.

Warframe is owned and copyrighted by Digital Extremes.
Lotus is owned by all Tenno.
Hek is most likely owned by a microphone pop-filter testing company :P

This song is free. Just like Warframe.

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