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Star Counting by D-Tail

Star Counting

"Star Counting"

Mommy, won't you come outside
and help me count the stars?
Together we can tally up
the diamonds near and far.

I have a blanket big enough,
and I'm not sleepy yet.
We have to count them, mommy! Please!
or else they'll be upset.

We must be kind to every star
that sparkles in the night,
for they are kind enough to share
the magic of their light.

They lace the ceilings of my dreams
and heed my little voice.
So when one shoots across the sky,
I hastily rejoice!

They're building blocks of fantasy:
of children's books and plays.
I hope that stars will carry on
through each and every day.

Oh look, just look how bright they shine!
Oh mommy, don't say "no"!
They're smiling more because you're here;
they'd hate for you to go!

Now let me ask for daddy's help,
before he starts to doze.
That's ten more stars his hands can count,
and ten more on his toes!

Star Counting


10 January 2013 at 17:23:58 MST

I swear the ideas for my children's poetry just come straight out of nowhere. But boy do I enjoy that fact! xD

Not much to say here: just a basic concept overhauled with my special touch of cuteness. I love putting a spin on everyday activities!

Enjoy! :3

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