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Drizz the Hyena

Drizz the Hyena / 32 / Male / Eau Claire, WI

"I think it was an Onpurpcident." "This Ramen is most bodaciously orgasmalicious."
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I'm a Misfit
I'm a Germ
I'm an outcast among the worms

Hullo! I'm a sometimes grumpy age-queer misfit punk skater Babyfur from Eau Claire, Wisconsin! I've been drawing Furries for almost 6 years now (not counting my 3 year recession). I draw mostly pants wetting, messing, and diaper stuff, and wanna learn to draw chubs better. On top of drawing and occasional writing/RPing I have been playing acoustic guitar for almost 5 years now, and electric bass for almost 3. I've been a furry and a Babyfur since 2008 and an ABDL even longer than that! (Everything started as early as 4 though, I literally NEVER had a chance to be or feel normal!)

About My Personal Life:

I've had a local RL Daddy for almost 6 years now, and whilst he does lack background and experience not being a Furry or ABDL himself, he tries and he improves! Be it not for him I'd not even be part of this world anymore either. My Daddy means the fucking world to me and I literally owe him my life. He's seen me at my worst, so many times, and has never tucked tail and ran! I love him so fucking much!! ;_; <3<3<3

In a nutshell: I've been through some shit for my younger age. On top of having high functioning Asperger's Syndrome I deal with severe Anxiety and Depression, Panic Disorder, severe PTSD, possible Psychosis and extremely Neurotic tendencies as well as severe Paranoid Schizophrenic delusions. Quite frankly its a fucking MIRACLE I'm not dead or incarcerated somewhere yet. ):

Weed literally keeps me sane and functioning. Do NOT fucking judge me! Then again I don't really give a shit what you think to begin with. Slips shades on

Heres Some Things I Like:

  • ABDL, Babyfur, and Diaperfur crap
  • Cuddling with my Daddy!
  • Cuddling in general!
  • Chatting online (Best way to reach me is Telegram @DribblezTheHyena!)
  • Chill People
  • Punk/Rocker People
  • Goth People
  • Drawing
  • Playing Acoustic Guitar & Electric Bass (I have a bunch of short crappy recordings on Souncloud! )
  • Listening to Music! (Rock, Classic Rock, Punk, "Grunge", Goth (Real Goth, not Marilyn Manson...), Hard Rock, Indie Rock, Metal, Anime & Game OSTs, J-Rock & J-Punk)
  • Herping/Catching Insects/Frogs/Amphibians/Insects/Snakes/Small Critters & Creepy Crawlies! ;3
  • Psychology/Abnormal Psychology
  • Watching Anime and reading Manga (MyAnimeList: )
  • Horror... Movies (Mostly Asian Horror <3), games, Manga, comics, music. I love Horror & Halloween is my favorite holiday! <3
  • Watching Comedies
  • Gaming (Add me on Steam or Nintendo 3DS; Steam: Captain_H0wdy, 3DS Friend Code: 5386 - 9730 - 7833)
  • Skateboarding
  • Drinking beer (I hate liquor in all honesty), but I'm from Wisconsin afterall... I was born with Natural Ice in my system... :/)
  • 420 :3 (Don't judge me, its how I manage my anxiety and manic episodes and I'd have left this world a long time ago be it not for this fucking miracle godsend of a plant!)
  • Writing & RPing occasionally (A New Life - Chapter 1 (Part 1): )
  • Hiking in the woods
  • Fishing
  • Thunderstorms
  • And of course Pants Peeing and Dumping... yes yes I know, I'm disgusting.



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