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Jack At 10 years by driprat

Jack At 10 years


This is the cover from the Jack tenth year anniversary book. I was really lucky to get Jonas to color it for me as it came out amazing. I think the comic is closer to 12 now but since I feel like I've been saying 12 for about a year now, it's probably closer to 13.

Still ongoing, still at

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    Looks awesome there.

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    Most of these I'm fairly familiar with at this point, but who's Fnar's buddy he's engaged in a smile-off with?

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      That would be Randy, Fnar's reincarnated self. We meet Randy for the first time (I think) in "those that run"

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    Wow this is fantastic. :3 Finally I get some color really in mind for everyone. ^^ Had no idea the shade Fnar dated was pink. :D Neat. ^^

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    Holy hell? (Yeah, that was lame)

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    Wow :D

    I have to say, the last 4 years I've been reading Jack, and I absolutely love it. For multiple reasons What caught me at first was, it's a furry comic, but what kept me reading was the fact that it's so difficult for me to explain my views on how life/heaven/hell work, but you've perfectly captured it in a few thousand comic pages.

    Not only that but as you read you watch your artwork improve and grow. I know how much hard work and effort it is, but I would love to see more colored comic pages in the future c:

    (sorry it's so wordy)

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    So many characters I know I know the names of but can't even get them on the tip of my tongue.....I need a new brain. Despite my memory looking more like a toilet than a strong box I love this picture.

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    So much awesome in one picture.