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Dawn of a New Life by driftdragon

Dawn of a New Life


Zeke (Behemoth) Belongs to Dragonmail111
Reis (Wolagon) Belongs to FireWolf832
Makoto (Samoyed) Belongs to Zaxx138
Artist is by me! (hell yeah)

(Also a bonus short story by them as well!)
On the drive back home, the sun beat down on the vehicle. The Car was stuffed, and nothing but road and endless desert flats span as far as the eye can see. Every time the sun set, we always found a Hotel to stay for the night.

Reis: A room for three, please.

We make our way to the room, get ready for bed and cuddle, for the three of us, finally in arms reach. My heart, Cascaded in loving warmth and neverending adoration for the two men of my life.

The next day, we set back out to finish the rest of the trip. Makoto, Was the first to pass out on the trip. Poor guy, his heart must of been racing from the moment he saw us. A behemoth and a Wolagon at his doorstep, ready to take him away to enjoy his new home- his new paradise.

A lot of windy turns and a rainstorm was the only obsticle in our path...

Reis: 'Only 3 hours left... We are most home, Pup...'

I turn on some music that I have saved onto Spotify to help both Zeke and Makoto's nap be a bit more enjoyable. Both snoring soo peacefully. It was pure bliss...

The vehicle slows down, getting to our driveway to our complex building. Makoto is still sleeping... Perfect.

Reis: Honey, you mind giving a hand?

Carrying him to our apartment. I'm surprised how light he really was. We finally gotten him to the bed, still in his state of sleep. Both Zeke and I hugged each other.

Reis: He's had a long trip. Let's make it memorable for him in the morning.

We planned everything for the morning on the table, used for arts and crafts. 'I'll find a spot for all of my things later... This is more important.'

Everything is set. The trap, primed to spring. We called it a night. Climbing into the same bed as Makoto, spooning behind him and Zeke being the bigger spoon of us both. Finally sleeping...

The sunshine hits our window. Our Pup stirs to see himself being held in my arms, and Zeke holding my body as well. He stays silent, Never moving at all. Even when the alarm rings for my 8am.

Makoto: Sweetie? Your Phone is going off...

My phone's alarm was turned off, going back to hold him again.

Reis: Five more minutes...

He repeated for 5 minutes for the full hour...

Reis: five more minutes...

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