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Flames | Page 21: Crate Expectations by DrGravitas

Flames | Page 21: Crate Expectations


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"Lauuudry day, nothing clean. Right?"

Rolling down towards another nsfw segment! This page in particular has an uncensored version! Available only on my AD Twitter account: DocGravy! Really, this is the definitive version. The other one simply hides the assets covering Yeltsin's, er, assets. The degree of control you can exercise in 3D engines is always fascinating. Flagging objects to be invisible but still contribute light or final gathering rays, or show up in reflections/refractions is a bit cumbersome to manage but very useful, especially in tight spaces like these.

I wanted to have fun with this one. It was very challenging getting the props to align without moving things around or otherwise cheating, but it was an interesting challenge and very liberating to work with Yeltsin without his suit. I didn't like a number of the poses I did for the first frame and ended up with 5 or 6 alternate shots, even without the nude alts. Fitting the text without covering things was likewise problematic. I really need a way to quickly arrange an overlay or something in my viewport, so I can tell where the comic page's bits and text will appear for a given shot.

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