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Flames | Page 19 by DrGravitas

Flames | Page 19


Story Start (nsfw!)
Flames | Chapter Start
Flames | Page 18
Flames | Page 20

A lot of the pages in this span will have fewer, larger pictures with less dialog (well, compared to the Transit Bay scene). So, they should be a little quicker to get out at least at first. Some of these will have more unique and unusual requirements and I hope to spend a bit more time making the poses look nicer.

This is not one of the nice pose pages, lol. I have no idea how to make him hold that card in a way that doesn't look awkward.

As an aside, that toilet took a lot of thought and experimentation. I went into it more on my AD Twitter, DocGravy. Originally, the last page and this page had a bit more focus on his need to use the restroom. Buuuut, I decided I didn't like the tone. I wanted his introduction to the apartment to be more positive and the 'gotta go' angle felt fetish-y after review. Still mulling doing the original version up just for fun, tho. Heh, mebbe even a more adventurous first panel on this page as a stand-alone :v