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Embarrassed Boys by DrGravitas

Embarrassed Boys


You ever just have a creative explosion after holding it back for a long time? Two of these were test poses I came up with while building my spandex system. Yeltsin's is based off a pre-existing pose (with new arm poses, lol) but I did also use that existing pose during testing. Kean's shirt isn't directly an outcome of the spandex execution, but the initial shape was helped towards form-fitting by running it through the spandex system. Then, I used the button clasping convention I developed to quickly produce a way for the shirt to be "pulled" down, without nearly as much trouble as it normally takes to set up.

Anyways, the spandex system started off as a way to do that skin tight survival spacesuit Yeltsin's sporting. He actually is only wearing the same socks and undies that Rederick is. The rest of the suit is a texture painted on his body and a few baubles constrained to his surface.

The ncloth does not perfectly conform to the body, which tends to create a tell-tale glint with shiny material at the boundary or near it if I were to bend the edges into the body. But, with the underwear's shadow casting turned off, it's relatively difficult to tell they're separate pieces at a glance.