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Flames | Page 06 by DrGravitas

Flames | Page 06


Story Start (nsfw!)
Flames | Page 05
Flames | Page 07

I actually put this one together just yesterday. In planning the next page, I felt like the last one didn't really communicate what happened very well.

In discussing on Discord, I've decided I wanna redo the ship in this and the last shot. I was always iffy on the aerodynamics of the detachment, but my desire for haste in design made me power through that. Knowing that people felt the same way has made me wanna do a little redesign, especially since I plan for at least a couple more (closer, more detailed) shots later on. So, at some point prior to making those, I'm gonna retool the asset and rerender the exterior shots from this one and the last page.

EDIT: Did a revision of this one. Aside from doubling the image size, it now includes the up-to-date meshes and I added little navigation gas spurts. Not sure I'm happy with the spurts, but I'm more concerned about the overall composition. I was going for more of a stark, smallness for the craft in the first version but here it's larger and I don't know if the alignment makes it feel too crowded. Might sleep on it and do up a revised revision with the original composition. Or not, lol

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