Turnabout's Fair Play by DrGravitas

Turnabout's Fair Play


21 January 2016 at 17:06:30 MST

Turnabout's fair play, Rederick! Blythe puts on a show for you, you ought to give her a show, too!

Nervous Red here is likewise sporting a brand new custom shader network, complete with brand new texture maps! Here he has the classic shader nodes, though. To further demonstrate the easy of adding new layers (and thus features) Rederick acquiesced to Blythe's request and donned a thong. Looks like he didn't think she'd be snapping some pics, though!

The thong itself is another simple, black and white texture map, piped in as the weight value to another Layer on the new custom shader networks' MILA node backbone. A metallic (or maybe car paint) node provides the coloring, so it's easy to alter on a whim. If I wanted more complexity, I could easily add more layer or replace the shader with a texture that has the look I want, or even a combination of those! It takes very little time to setup, make an hour at most if you include all the playing around with it.

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    His Tail's small in this and the other pic.

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      Yeah, I forgot to mention, that is so that I can add fur to it later on. I could have resized it but I forgot XP