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My name is Leonidas but my fur name is Red Fang (yes both Red and Fang are his first name), Red for short.

I like anime, fencing, manga, horror, animals, video games, supernatural stuff and sweets. I am a furry (obviously), fencer, writer, and artist. I also do costumes on the side.

My dream/goal is to be a professional character animator and artist.

My zodiac sign is Leo

I am happily taken with my lovely panda mate who i am introducing to the fandom as we speak. We have been dating since 2-13-15

I AM A TRANSGENDER BUT MY FURSONA IS NATURALLY BORN MALE!!!! I am also Pan-sexual and Polyamorous.

Got any questions then just ask and ill answer to the best of my ability. Got a problem with me, then leave. I don't need your negativity in my life. I've dealt with to much hate to deal with yours.

Otherwise, nice to meet you!

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News, Art, and More

gosh it been forever sense i last talk here XD
hello so im still alive and kicking. a few quick update in case no ones read my last few posts.

For the past year i have been in an ARPG (Art Role Play Group) and have been doing peaces upon peaces for this group. I became active enough to join their admin team and now help run the group along with several other amazing people. But this has put my anthro art on pause, for the most part. Even so thanks to this amazing group i feel i have grown more as an artist. I have learned a bit about depth, backgrounds, more dynamic poses and expressions.

So to show my improvement i will be uploading ALL of that art here as well (previously only had it on Deviant Art). but i wont upload the images individually cause thats waaaaayyyyy to much XD instead i will be doing collages. each collage will have up to 6 images, 3 at minimum, and will have all the original art links and descriptions below. i will be doing this ONCE a week until i catch up to were im at currently. once i catch up i will still only upload them as collage but they will become slower and less frequent.

These collages will eventually show other ARPG's as i am currently apart of 3 different groups (only admin 1). I will also post 1 image a week, along with the collages, of art i have received from other group members in the ARPG's. each image will have the link to the original art peace. All ARPG art can be found in the proper folders in my gallery.

Along with those two i will do full image posts, post the image by itself and NOT in a collage, if i find it to be favorable and can take pride in that peace that ive done. they will also have their own folder and will still be posted in the collage to show when it was done.

now as for health and normal life, i am pleased to say is going decently fine. I have approved and place on hormones therapy sense mid last year. but didnt get a good enough dose till late last year. i live with my mate and have adopted 2 cats and a dog, all of which ive thankfully been able to raise from very very young to whenever they pass (hopefully not for a very long time though). otherwise my health is slowly but surely getting better. several health issues have popped up through my short life but ive finally started to conquer each one, one at a time.

my depression has calmed immensely thank to hormones and these ARPG's ive joined. as well as my mate and pup to help push me along when it does act up. im still active in many things that i used to enjoy.

fursuiting has been put on hold. due to moving and living in a place i absolutely do NOT feel safe fursuiting, it has been placed on hold. enzo is still here and gets cleaned regularly and occasionally ill toss him on and do a little photo inside the house. but otherwise i just dont feel safe doing it right now. hopefully that'll change soon.

now as for cons i dont believe ill be attending any this year. to expensive plus my mate and i are trying to get out on our own soon along with going to school again. that plus an 80 pound dog due make things hard financially and publicly (not many people are down to rent to 20 year old with a 80lbs German shepherd XD). either way we are trying and are slowly (very slowly) making progress in life.

as usual if ya got any question just popped down bellow and poke, or shout, at me. XD i generally answer any and all questions. want to see more of my life then come find me on Instagram---> demon_wolf_redfang
or come see more art of deviant art---> Demonic-Designs

anyways thats all for now. see ya!

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