Zea by dr-bored



31 March 2015 at 18:07:32 MDT

She has little memory of her childhood. Tall walls made of ice, behemoths of black and white that stomped around. Raised voices, echoes. After that cold, confusing time, Zea and her twin sister Aya found themselves on a tropical island, a warm paradise of sun and surf, raised by an adoptive tribe of sharks, dolphins, and other lovely aquatics.

Here's where we begin.

Twelve years ago, I invented Aya and Zea. Their story was that they were genetically created in a lab by a mad scientist, and somehow escaped the fate of a slave. They lived in a world much like ours, perhaps a little more advanced in a few key aspects, and of course inhabited by anthros of all types in place of humans. Unfortunately, ultimately, this shoehorned their story into a story of outcasts, mutants, and runaways, which is a dark tale that I never really wished to delve into, an origin story that wasn't... interesting to me. It wasn't what I wanted to write! I didn't want to write about government intrigue or mad science or their life hiding from so many potential threats.

Instead, I want to write something happy. Something magical. A world with just as many types of monster as anthro, with dragons and magic and technology and light and angels and demons and tropical beaches and girls in bikinis and BOOBS.

So here is Zea. Redesigned! Not a whole lot changed. I gave her a haircut and a few neat orange markings, and a blue streak in her hair, and changed where some of her black markings ended. You'll also notice a lack of a dorsal fin... well that's really just because of positioning. It's still on her tail behind her.

Now, instead of running away from agents and hiding with her ailing sister, Zea is a beautiful young woman, 20 years old, living a dream-life on a paradise island, just waiting for shenanigans to ensue...

Hope you like! There's more where this came from, coming soon...

Zea © Dr. Bored, 2015


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    a lovely pose ya got goin' here.

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    shes soo pretty. now shes got cheek marks like wurf!

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      She does! I didn't even notice that till now! XD