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Costume Shop Story 4: Persona Problems by Draythix

Costume Shop Story 4: Persona Problems


25 March 2019 at 20:22:24 MDT

A student gets a costume based on his mewtwo pokesona from a local costume shop. Things become strange when the costume transforms him into his character, in both body and mind!

Another re-upload of one of my old costume shop/second identity stories from a decade ago. This thing is absurdly long.

I couldn't help but cringe as I read this story while I was giving it an editing pass. Reading your old work is painful! Since a lot of people liked these old stories I guess I'll just bear with it. :)

This story was done in collaboration with my friend Valant, and the mewtwo character in the story belongs to him. Mewtwo itself belongs to Nintendo of course.

Aside from that, the story setting and Drethan belongs to me.

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    I like how this one delved into the aftermath of the transformation and it's long-term implications. And those last few pages - what a twist!

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      Thanks! I have always found that looking into how the transformation affects a person afterwards can be fun :D

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    that... happened... Cool that you're creating a bit of a continuity with this!

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      Lol, these stories are a decade old, so I'm really just reuploading old continuity :)

      Some day, I'll get around to posting my newer stuff on this site XD