A Roommate Scorned *Plus Small Story* by Drayko the Pyro

A Roommate Scorned *Plus Small Story*

Drayko the Pyro

14 August 2017 at 11:09:09 MDT

It's an odd feeling, anger towards someone who's technically not done anything to you. It wasn't really Credo's fault. Last Valentine's day, Aero had a special evening planned out involving a stack of sissy diapers and a movie marathon, but to keep it a surprise, he and his roommate had agreed to treat the day as any ordinary day. None the wiser, Credo had worked overtime that day, leaving him home alone the entire night. Even Aero knew that they both bore the blame for that day, but that didn't make his frustration any less intense. Unfortunately for Credo, Aero may be just a tad passive-aggressive…
A few days after, he came across a site advertising "Layer-able adult diapers”. The site claimed they had super-stretchy sides, as well as a strip on the front, which, when peeled off, allowed the first layer to drain into the second when it became too soaked. Both of these features allowed the diapers to be layered without an issue. Naturally, the two-inch thick diapers weren't any better than the wolf’s usual ones, and the patterns, albeit cute and varied, were too simple. But...the diapers weren’t for him.
The next day, Credo came home early from his shift, as he had every day to make up for the disaster. Today however, he found a large box on his doorstep. Assuming it was for Aero, he brought it into the house.
"Hey, you order something?"
Aero's tail wagged, and he snatched the box from Credo’s paws and clawed it open to reveal the twenty-four pack of multicolored diapers inside.
"Layerable diapers," he chirped, "wanna help me try them out?"
"Y-you're letting me diaper you again? Of course!"

The two bounced over on to the bed, smiling wide, but for much different reasons.
Aero tore the bag open and dumped the pile on the bed, to which Credo responded by grabbing one.
"Hop on the bed and we'll get—." Credo glanced behind him upon hearing the loud crinkle of a diaper being unfolded.
"—What are you doing back there?" He chuckled, "I've already got the diaper."
Aero shook his head and pulled Credo's tail through the diaper where he stood.
"How about it, big guy? You gonna lie down already?
Credo's face reddened as he realized what was happening, but rather than fight, he bashfully nodded his head and lay down.
The cloud of baby powder made him sneeze a few times, but for the most part, he simply watched the spectacle unfold with widened eyes.

"There, first one's done," Aero said, "now let's see how this layering thing works out.."
The strip was torn off, revealing the layer of polymer fluff that hid underneath. This was quickly covered by the second layer, which was then covered by the third...and the process kept going.
"Y'know...” Credo started to protest timidly after the fifth layer was strapped and snug.
“when you asked me to try these out, I kind of figured you were gonna be the one wearing them..."
"What gave you that idea?"
The two stared at each other for a few seconds, Credo shifting uncomfortably under the gaze.
"Look, you already know full well I don't like diapers, and..."

Aero’s tail started swishing back and forth, cutting through the quiet air.
"...That's the whole reason you're doing this to me, isn't it?"
A smile crept over the wolf's face as he nodded, pulling his roommate’s tail through yet another diaper.
"You look cute in them," he said, "and I think after that whole fiasco, I deserve something to make up for it. Besides...I've been wanting to see you padded up for a long time."
Credo was about to respond—a bit aggravated at this point—but a quick peck on the snout jumbled his words.
"You...I uh....you're not supposed..."
He felt a baby powder-covered paw start rubbing his belly, causing him to shiver and stop talking.
"If it helps, just think of this as trying a new food. It doesn't have to be forced."

Glaring was the only response Aero got.
"Can you hand me that pink one by your paw?"
Credo threw the padding at his stomach, crossing his arms after. Ignoring this, Aero pulled his own tail through and taped the diaper on snug.
"From this point on, every diaper I put on you is another diaper on me. I got a twenty-four pack, so your big pamper-wolf'll be able to match outfits with you.
A small bit of wagging from Credo’s tail ruined any defiant expression he could put up.
"So we're in agreement. Now, if you don't mind, I think I should get us both pacifiers before we're too padded to walk."

I always kinda wince submitting pics with stories I wrote a while ago. I'm always worried I'll have left some irritating little thing in it and get attacked for something I didn't even know was in there, but whatevs.

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