Block City Mayhem *And small story* by Drayko the Pyro

Block City Mayhem *And small story*

Drayko the Pyro

12 August 2017 at 19:44:45 MDT

Being transformed into a baby wasn't something that TL expected to grow used to, but somehow it happened. SM seemed to do it every other day, and every time, the embarrassment of wearing diapers and frustration at the lack of adult abilities faded, allowing TL to find the sessions a bit relaxing. Sure, his baby brother always took charge, and his clothes wouldn't fit right, but there weren't any responsibilities for a little Oshawott to worry about, since he could pretty much get away with doing anything so long as he kept the lisp up.
That all said, TL made sure not to let SM know any of this. He didn't need the regressions becoming any more frequent then they already were, and then there's the whole issue of having to act like the mature grown up.

Some days, though, there are problems that are too much for the Dewott to handle on his own, and are the only days when he's willing to ask. Rather then being forced to go to the carnival or beach, though...this time he's decided that he'd rather go to the city.
The city of play blocks, that is! And what better thing to do there then to play as the giant monster and wreak havoc on the bulky architecture?
As the blocks go flying, the air is filled with dull crinkles, and excited crys of "rawr" and "hi-ya!"
Any worries or stressors are flung into the mess of blocks that will form the next city, and the one after that, until there's no more stress, and the city goes back in the toy box.

Another picture for tailsluigi-dewott on dA, and one of my better quality ones, imo.

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