The Gift of Padding! by Drayko the Pyro

The Gift of Padding!

Drayko the Pyro

12 August 2017 at 19:39:18 MDT

"I know it's not exactly wrapped but...."
Aero looked down at the huge bag of holiday-printed "Blushes" babyfur diapers.
He was about to surprise him with the gift he held behind his back, but in his eagerness, Credo had whipped out his gift as soon as he got the cue that they were swapping presents.
"...I figured that you could go ahead and wear one before the guests get here. I know it's kind of a private thing, but...I mean, you've got the skirt to cover it up, right?"

Aero actually didn't mind the fact, he had wanted to rip one out and pad himself up before Credo even mentioned doing so, but he had a tendency to get lost in moments, and just smiled blankly at the package, the blush on his cheeks growing redder as Credo's paws twitched, making the diapers inside crinkle softly.
"...I mean, if you don't want to, that's fine, but...I know you like wearing them, so...if you're embarrassed,"
Credo's speech began to stammer. He felt a drop of sweat go down his forehead as Aero stood there, silently blushing and staring at the present.
Had he misjudged? Was this a dumb gift to give him, or just a bad idea to suggest?

With a small bit of haste and desperation, he suddenly blurted out "I can wear one too!"
Aero's ears twitched at this, his trance broken.
"What'd you say? Why would you wear one?"
Credo silently wished he had thought his words out a bit more, but explained his thought process anyway.
"If you're nervous about wearing one, like..during the party...I-I, have one on and kind of act like a decoy...n-n-no one would think the crinkles would be coming from you if I stayed nearby, and they wouldn't think you'd be wearing one...I could say it was a joke gift and I just went along with-"

Both presents dropped simultaneously on the floor as Aero lurched forward, wrapping his arms tightly around his roommate.
The two stood silently in the embrace for what seemed to be quite a while, before the phone rang.
The first guest was a few minutes away, and Credo looked around, second-guessing whether a cotton-ball covered floor was really that good an idea for a Christmas party, when Aero picked the diapers up off the floor and ripped the pack open.
With his tongue out, he grabbed two from it, looked his blushing mate right in the eyes and said,
"So, are you going first, or am I?"

Wrote this a while ago. Doubt it's still any good, but myeh.

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