Trick-or-Treating Crossover by ~arashi by dray-and-erika

Trick-or-Treating Crossover by ~arashi


10 April 2015 at 16:27:03 MDT

Draygone: "Last week me and Erika went trick-or-treating. Since we was still platypuses, we decided to go as ducks. I was Scrooge McDuck from DuckTales and Erika was Gosalyn from Darkwing Duck."
Erika: "Yeah, I was gonna go as Gadget from Rescue Rangers, but I decided that Gosalyn would be better since I still had a beak. And when we went to peoples' houses, instead of saying Trick or Treat, we went Quack Quack Quack!"
Draygone: "Haha, remember how that one house tried to give us bread crumbs instead of candy?"
Erika: "Yup, they thought we was real ducks!"
Draygone: "But then they gave us candy when we told them we was platypuses. Trick-or-treating was fun, but the grown-ups made us wear pants, which is stupid. Scrooge and Gosalyn don't wear pants, so why did we have to?"
Erika: "It's okay, I woulda wore pants, anyway. But we're back to normal now, which is good, 'cause trying to eat candy with beaks is hard. It's also hard to hear without ears. My ears already grew back when we went trick-or-treating, and it was like, wow, I missed having these!"
Draygone: "Yeah, hearing is easier when you got regular raccoon ears. I'm gonna miss the beak, though. Maybe when I grow up, I'll give myself a beak for good. But first, I got candy to eat! Now where's those Snickers?"
Erika: "Um..."

* * * Art by [arashi] at FurAffinity, fave the original [here] * * *

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(RL Erika)
arashi was doing a Halloween freebie stream, and at first she was only gonna draw one of us, but then she hit a wrong button that lost her work, so she decided to do both of us after all. Which is really nice, 'cause me and Dray actually didn't get to celebrate Halloween that year, and this picture helped make up for it.

I really was planning on asking for a Gadget costume, but Dray was wanting yet another picture of his character as a platypus, so that's why I played along with the theme. Pretty sure Dray's gotten the platypus thing out of his system now, though, so back to being dracoons for us. Yeah, we might like playing around with transformations and alternate forms (the fact my character was drawn with ears plays towards that interest), but it's hard to stay away from our default selves for too long. =)

By the way, the title references the fact that Darkwing Duck and DuckTales are part of the same world. They even did a crossover event for the Darkwing comics.