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~~Us, As We (not quite) Currently Are~~ by dray-and-erika

~~Us, As We (not quite) Currently Are~~


[[EDIT: We have changed again since uploading this picture. We now have dragon feet. Three toes on each foot, and we walk digitigrade. Still furred as before.]]

It has been a while since we've posted anything, and this is the primary reason: we're older/younger. I got tired of bouncing between 6 years old and full-grown adult, so we're now in the happy medium of 14 years old.

Unfortunately, we don't have a proper ref for our teenage selves, and I have no idea if/when we will. But it hasn't been very fun posting at Weasyl when our account primarily shows us as the wrong age, so we took this snapshot from Second Life just for the sake of having something. If you're interested, here is our [old reference].

Extra details not apparent in this picture include me having small breasts and Draygone having a pony tail that reaches below his shoulders. Yes, Dray is still my twin brother, so don't be fooled by the lack of visible bits on his pantless self. =P Of course, us being raccoon-dragons, we have raccoon tails. We are just over 5 feet tall, so we're not too far off from our final heights. And in case you haven't noticed, our nose horns have grown in (since age 8).

No, we don't breathe fire.

These avatars were modded using the Tokushi raccoon, the Kinzart southern dragon, and the Anthro Xtacy rabbit (hair). Other stuff by other people.

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