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A Home Left Behind by DrawWithLaura

A Home Left Behind


This illustration sits in a weird position for me, I recently went through a drastic change in my art (for the better) and about 3/4's of this was done before that change, the last 1/4 of course was finished after the change.
There are a lot of things that I would have done differently now, and I almost wish I could have restarted it-but, please don't take me the wrong way, I love this painting. The concept, the angle/composition, the colors from the sunset and more, are just-wow-they were so much fun, and an absolute pleasure to work on!

The main two characters embracing each other and the illustration itself belongs to: zchdrgn

I also held a free raffle for the extras in the image, I felt that it would add more life to the image, some more story and was a great way to let others who enjoy my work have a piece from me in their gallery c:
So, the extras and their owners are as follows;

Black dragon at front-Vladmir- adragonlover5
Red Dragon-Darziak- darziak
Orange dragon-Solaris stormkern
Blue dragon-Tear dragon_tear25
Black dragon at back-Rebel- rebeldragon101

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    Brilliant piece...the details, perspective, composition...all are fantastic! <3

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      Thank you so much! Really trying to get more interesting angles C:

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    Hey! Long time no talk. :)

    I was looking through me emails today, and couldn't find the high rez version of this anywhere. If you still have it stored somewhere I would love to get a copy. :)