Hello and welcome to DrawingEnatias profile on Weasyl. where I put my character refs and also things like
My REAL Name: Kevin (Yes, I'm male irl)
My Latias' Name: Enah aka Enatias
Icon and Header Attribution
► Current Icon: DrawingEnatias ID (Made by Streetdragon95 via DeviantART)
► Current Header: DrawingEnatias Header
My Accounts
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Using Enatias Pictures and Guidelines
► You are Free to use any of my pictures for "Refs Guide wether it's to help you and/or in speedpaint videos" as long as you meet the following guidelines.

► (limited) Using my Characters
You may draw my Characters in your pictures, as long as there not doing anything too harmful/unsafe. and you can also use my pictures for personal use.
like download my pictures to External hard Drive/Cloud Drives. except you're NOT allowed to use any of my pictures and upload that will contain anyone's character that isn't belong to me.

► (forbidden) Anthros
I might be a little Skeptical on this. but unless I made you a picture. You must ask me in order for me to be sure you can use them. This does apply to all sites including YouTube.

► (maybe okay) Other Pictures
If there isn't any pictures I've listed so far. you can use them however you like, but as long as you credit me to where you found it.



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Have a use for Weasyl (adding my Characters Refs)

on 18 February 2016 at 15:49:32 MST

I just want to let you know. I'm also adding my character refs onto weasyl. so just in case charahub crashes. I have another site to put my Pokemon OCs in.

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