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I'm Zet-to-Kev and welcome to DrawingEnah's Weasyl~ where I post some artworks associated with Enah@Kev and also fan art of the Eons. and other stuff
My REAL Name: Kevin (Yes, I'm male IRL)
Primary Character's Name: Enah
Icon and Header Attribution
► Current Icon: Enah Icon by Mikapoofs (Used with Permission)
► Current Header: DrawingEnah Header By both (DrawingEnah and Mikapoofs)
Usage Guideline Numbers for Arts
► Using Arts featuring my Characters falls under Usage 2

► Using Arts Featuring Normal Pokemon and Not Custom character-related falls under Usage 1

► Using Arts featuring Gift Arts to Friends Mentioned Falls under Usage 3

► Using Arts I have received that are Anthro Gift Arts, Assets, and stuff not safe for certain people like NSFW falls under Usage 4

► Any unknown Arts falls under Usage 2 but you're free to Ask

Copyright Attributions (Usage)
This section mentions each and every pic! and their Attribution details, where if you need to ask me permission or not to use it! however, not all pics are free to use! and anything that doesn't have a Usage mention doesn't guarantee free to use!
Usage 1: Free to Use as long you Credit
(Usage: You're Free to use this only as long as you don't remove the Watermark or modify it in any way (Though cropping is fine!), and be sure to credit me! Commercial use is forbidden. you can upload it to any site, Excluding DeviantART and Weasyl!)
Meaning: You're allowed to use or Crop the image only as long you don't modify it in any way but you must credit me

Usage 2: Personal Private Use Only! (For Offline, or Backup Reasons)
(Usage: For Personal Private Backup/Private Cloud Use only! Do Not Distribute on Public sites!)
Meaning: You can download my images and keep them on your computer, but you aren't allowed to share it publically such as sharing it to others! and using it on any website. however, if you're doing it privately such as backing up to an External or a Cloud Drive without sharing it to other people. go ahead!

Usage 3: Only Selected People may use this pic!
(Usage: Only the User Mentioned is Authorized to use this freely!)
Meaning: If I made a Gift art for someone, only they are authorized to use that pic I've drawn! and anyone else must ask the people who are authorized and then must contact me for further details!

Usage 4: No One is allowed to share this! Except for DrawingEnah
(Usage: Please, Do NOT Distribute this pic! and please do NOT ask for permission to use this!)
Meaning: No one is allowed to use this on any website or ask permission to get permission, this usage is mostly used for my Assets on Certain sites like my thumbnails, Logos, and Icons! However, only 1 Exception is allowed and it is the archive of the weblink but it has to be archived from the same web link only! such as sites like the Wayback Machine ( or Archive is!
Other than that you're free to comment on my page and Artwork and have fun!

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Have a use for Weasyl (adding my Characters Refs)

I just want to let you know. I'm also adding my character refs onto weasyl. so just in case charahub crashes. I have another site to put my Pokemon OCs in.

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    Thank you for the favorite! Your Latisona is adorable!

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