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Drawholic is the author and artist of the graphic novel "The Sprawl". An adult sci-fi/fantasy comic set on a barren moon. Centuries after the arrival of a colony from another world, fantasy and science-fiction collide in the wastes of Tartarus.

"The Sprawl" is updated with new pages every Wednesday and Saturday. Click here to go to the first page.

Latest Journal

Clearing the Dust

Hey everyone. I've been absent from Weasyl and my other galleries for a while due to technical and general life issues. I've been having problems with both my laptop (which I do all of my work on) and my desktop (actually using a borrowed/temporary hard drive at the moment) and I also recently quit a day job which paid well, but ate up all my free time and was way more stress than it was worth, for going back to freelancing.

Changing jobs like that means more free time and I've been trying to catch up on a lot of back work for "The Sprawl". Not that I've missed any updates! If you've been following on the site ( ) new pages have gone up every week like clockwork. But I just haven't had time to do the manual updates to my art galleries until now.

To catch up I'm going to be doing semi-random page dumps now and then until the gallery here is all caught up with the current comic pages. Then I'll be going back to the page-a-week routine.

Also keep an eye on this space for information about commissions, live streams, and all of that fun stuff!

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    ty so much for the follow nwn

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    Awesome style! I've seen you are the website but finally got the chance to check out your stuff.

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    There you are! Hello!

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    Thank you very much for the fave~! 'w'

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    I don't mean to be offensive if you are not, I'm merely curious
    Are you the same artist who does tryinghuman?

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      Not I.

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        Lol alright, was curious since Getta looks similar to an alien species they have as well. I do really like your work though! So I hope you don't take that as an insult that I found a similarity (I'm always cautious cause I've ruined some friendships over my constant curiosity)

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    Love your comic