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[Yoshi's Travels] World 1: Old Moor by Dralsk

[Yoshi's Travels] World 1: Old Moor


21 August 2014 at 20:46:48 MDT

Part 1/10 of Yoshi's Travels.

As with any other game out there, for some reason, the very first world/dungeon always seems to be themed towards peaceful prairies and plains. So here you go – an autumnal land where reigns none other than nature. Not even iron.

At first, Yoshi's Travels was to have the regular, Yoshi-esque vivid and natural scenery, but I recently veered it towards something I found – and I hope you will too – more... interesting. Something new. So hey, tell me what you think! Should I go on with this? I'm open for clever ideas as well, if you have any!

It's a desktop wallpaper, too... It's fit to look good on my monitor, but if you want it, you have my permission to use it. (That's not an excuse to repost it somewhere without crediting, though...) Also, if you want me to add some kind of canvas to make it fit your monitor without affecting the image quality, tell me – I'll try to make something good out of it.

Yoshi © Nintendo

Also, first work I ever put my signature on!

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