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Tough Mornings by Dralsk

Tough Mornings


13 June 2014 at 13:07:57 MDT

[original description]

Argle bargle. So my existential question is, "why have we been programmed to have bad mornings?" Anyone can answer this? You'll get a free kiss gift if you can. ^^;

I've been feeling under the weather, lately, as some of you know... I think it's affecting the quality of my drawings in a negative way. I mean, it might just be the fact that there are five characters in this one drawing (I just realised), but I get the feeling they all could've been so much better... Except for the ceiling lamp. So f*cking proud of the ceiling lamp.

Oh well... I hear you, Yoshi. I'm putting it there under the "finished" category, but there's a possibility I pick it up later and improve it. If not, then I'll probably remaster it in a couple years. Or someone else will. I dunno.

Cheers for coffee! It gives me stomachaches, but at least I'm wide-awake when I barf.

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    OMG this is just too cute! Your baby yoshis are a 100 times better then the New Super mario Bros U baby Yoshis.

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      There are two ways of looking at Baby Yoshi's form, to be fair... In Paper Mario TTYD, the Yoshi Kid hatched from its egg with this morphology, and Baby Yoshi from Yoshi's Island DS also appears to look like a smaller Yoshi.
      On the other hand, the earliest appearance of Baby Yoshi goes back to Super Mario World, and it and NSMBU shared the shape. I'm not really sure what to make of this, but I honestly like Baby Yoshi the way I depicted it in this drawing better. Maybe, in the future, I'll pick up the newer/older version and look at whether I can make something good out of it.
      ... either way, anything with Yoshi in it is has guaranteed "D'aww." =P

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        Yeah i do like Yoshi. hell Super Mario World was my first video game, so I have a soft spot for Yoshi. Along with a lot of things from that game lol.

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        I do think your style is a little better then other baby yoshis TBH.