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[Request] Poseur's Grandeur by Dralsk

[Request] Poseur's Grandeur


4 June 2014 at 13:12:34 MDT

[original description]

Koops has got attitude. And confidence, apparently.
I wonder which is harder, though; drawing a character that's break-dancing (or doing handstands), or actually performing it? Anyone who can do both, please tell. XD

It came out pretty well, I'd say. I was unsure about the colours under yellow light, but upon looking another time, I kinda like it. The only thing I wish I had improved is the perspective – that one'll come in time, I sure hope.

Regardless! Azngamer405 from Deviantart suggested I draw Koops breakdancing, so shazaam! here you go! I had a lot of fun doing it too, it was a nice challenge. =p

Koops, Boshi and Ishnail © Nintendo