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poke poke Hello I am a simple 25 year old Red Tegu by the name Drake Stone! I am a proud Scalie. I am a website designer that will start making websites for artists and fursuit designers! I just started to attend cons cause i have never done one. My first was Anthrocon 2013. I will never forget that con! it was like the best time of my life! I have always been a bit nervous saying and maybe admitting to myself that i was a furry/scalie, but after attending AC 2013, i didn't care anymore, i completely opened up and i fully accept that i am a Scalie! ^.=.^

I am a pet Lizard. I just recently got my first collar at Anthrocon 2015! And I'm still looking for a mistress lol. Never had a mate before but willing to look for one :) I love computer programming and gaming want to do alot with my life! ^.=.^

My personality is simple! I just like to enjoy life! i used to suffer from depression, but i cut the habit! :) i found out its stupid being depressed about things (well with some exceptions of course) but I am always in a good mood! :) I love my friends more then anything else in the world! they are like family to me! And if u hurt them ill kill u with a smile! :3 lol

I don't roleplay much, maybe with some friends here and there but not much. I can be socially awkward for a bit but once u get to know me im a really easy guy to get along with. I currently attend college at Kent State Trumbull. Some online some at campus. I am focusing on Computer Science and Programming, Hopefully leading into game programming and Design. And i would also like to get into Herpetology and study reptiles! :)

I am a straight fur, but single. I have no issue with other peoples sexuality! You are what you are! i see no issues with that! I prefer clean art rather then mature art but hey, we all have moments lol.

I am on facebook alot. I also Admin the best Scalie group on Facebook

Here is the scalie group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/174034059386471/ <-- Feel free to join. The group is a clean group(under 18+) and we are very active, post daily and just have lots of fun. We even have a few furries in the group but they love scalies so we dont eat them lol

As for my sona I am a Red Tegu Lizard! I am light black with a burnt orange underbelly! I love my tail! its my fav lol huggles tail I have yellow eyes and a long tail. I get along with all species! but birds can be mean some times! D: I get along with humans, but if they hurt animals I kill them and cook them! :3 they taste nom lol. I stand about 6'2" but very friendly! ^.=.^ I always wear clothes! Jeans, shirt and a hoodie! And dont forget my fedora! :3 never take it! ill pounce you and pin you down! XD I have sharp teeth but I only use them when im hunting! I don't get into very many fights, but don't under estimate me when i do! I am very agile and i use my tail alot! lol

Below is a description of Drake:

Height: 6ft 2in
Weight: 170 lbs
Age: 23
Main Color: Light Black
Underside color: Burnt Orange
Hat: Fedora brown with a white stripe,
Eye color: Iris is yellow : Pupil is like a normal reptiles, black
Maw Color: dark pink
Tongue color: Red
Tongue Style: Forked like a komodo dragons tongue
Tongue Length: extends a half foot from the maw
Diet: Fish mainly salmon, berries, humans (mean ones), deer and spinach
Clothes: Jeans, shirt, and a hoodie with a fedora, and during the cold seasons I wear a red sweater AND ALWAYS WEARS A TAIL SLEEVE WITH THE PANTS! <3
Feet paws: 3 toes clawed, orange at the bottom, usually barefoot
hand paws: 5 clawed paws, black on the top and orange at the bottom
tail length: 5ft 5in, black on top and orange on bottom and very flexible

So thats me! :) hope u like my page and enjoy my company! i would love to make more furends and just have a awesome time! :)




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