Centaur Foal by Drakenhart (critique requested)

Centaur Foal (critique requested)


19 November 2012 at 21:49:57 MST

It always intrigued me as to what a newborn foal might look like. Due to a horse's need to get up right away, so that they do not get eaten by predators - and a human infant's complete dependence on it's parent(s) due to being utterly helpless the first few years of it's life - HOW does that translate into a newborn centaur?


It doesn't. So I opted to go the utterly helpless route, even if it might only last a few hours (or something). Using a number of photo references (because both newborn baby anatomy and newborn foal anatomy are both "weird"), especially in regards to the foal's laying down pose and foreshortening complexities, I managed this sketch.

The "baby" portion of this is up for critique (and to help test Weasyl's critique features!), as human anatomy is not a strong point for me.

I hope to complete this as either a water color or acrylic painting.

*NOTES* Having been to art school - I take critiques seriously. YOUR critique will be critiqued! MUAHAHAHAHAHA! ;)

Red-lines are allowed. If you upload them make sure to place them into the "Collections" options, or note me and I will send you my email address. :)

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