Coatl, Dark Lizardman Mage by DragoonShadow

Coatl, Dark Lizardman Mage


17 September 2015 at 13:30:01 MDT

Coming out of the moonlit mist around a river that separated a small forest line from a swamp, a dark green figure with bright, golden yellow eyes that glistened and seemed to glow from the faded light of the moons distorted rays emerged, dripping of water from the river and carrying a long, wooden staff with a single, large crystal that almost seemed to pulse with each tap against the firm but very damp ground underneath him.

The towering lizardman seemed rather plain other then the bright blue tattoo on his shoulder as he slowly walked past you, one large eye looking down before he lowered his large frame low enough to come eye to eye with you. For a moment, silence...A cool breeze began to shift the leaves in the tree's overhead and blew a faint, mossy, swamp scent off the large lizard that seemed oddly clean despite the strength of it and you freeze as a low hiss comes from him; his long, purple tongue tasting the air around you. "Is he friend, foe or neutral?" you think to yourself with a gulp, a bead of sweat dripping down your brow slowly and over your cheek. What do you do? Run? Stay and hope he does not slaughter you and then devour your flesh to hide the evidence of a murder?

"Why have you come to encampment?" he asked in a deep, rolling voice as he drew his long tongue back into his mouth and started to his camp. "I offer no shelter from the world, only a drink should you be cold so that you may leave..." he said as he glanced back for a moment. "...Unless it is a job you seek of me, then please, join me by the fire so we may discuss the prospects of the contract you seek with someone like me."

So....This is Coatl (Coa for short cause I like how it sounds), a dark mage lizardman. Not a horribly friendly fellow but, with the prospect of money or even food (among other things) that can be discussed, he can become a very quaint chap to talk with. All in all though, he is not a bad lizard to begin with though he can be a little on the ill tempered side if one begins to assume about him a little more then they should based on his sheer height and the fact that he is in the practice of dark arts that many do not condone, yet he uses them only if they are needed.

This is an amazing piece done by AshasCadence so you can expect more of him in the future, that is for sure!

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    Love the snippet >3> You got a talent sir!

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    Honestly, Coatl looks very sexy. XD

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      He may look like a big, angry lizardman, but he's not all that mean. I need to get Reaper, my serpent dragon drawn (which is next on my agenda) cause Coatl uses a curse to keep him under control and keep him from attacking anything he wants XD

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        Even better: he might be dating material. XDD

        And cool info about Reaper!

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          Lol I don't know how he'd react to someone asking him out on a date. He's kinda shunned for being a dark mage (curses, poison spells, acid spells and the like) so it's not often that he gets asked out. Though I think he'd probably date someone =3