Wyvera Armored by dragonnetstorm (critique requested)

Wyvera Armored (critique requested)


29 October 2017 at 20:36:26 MDT

We've seen her naked, we've seen her with her extra arms, here she is in her full glory!
Naked with just her extra arms: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/25235383/
Just naked: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/24872606/

Wyvera is half of two sisters shared with northern-crosshair. His half, and thus his story of Wyvera's sister, will be shared with you in due time.

Art and Wyvera © dragonnetstorm

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Wyvera a descendant of the Northern Stratosphere Wyvern Culture (NSWC), located on Helios Sigma of the central star in Orion's belt. Their species evolved alongside a few other reptilian (dragonian) species on their world. The other species on their home world quickly grew dominant due to Wyverns having a long lifespan and thus took way more time to reproduce. Non the less the NS-Wyverns quickly learned of technology and how it could aid them. To make sure their small numbers would not be overrun by the dominant species of their homeworld. This is also why they live secluded in small societies atop mountains, to assure their survival. More than once has war reigned the land, where the Wyverns usually were called in by one side or another for their technology and their keen air support.
Quickly though, their physique became a burden, as both their wings and talons were not adequately fit to work with the technology that was quickly becoming more advanced and thus smaller.
On this note the Wyvern society developed Non Intrusive Cybernetic Enhancement Actuators (NICEA) to help cope with this.

Their society quickly advanced through this, because now they were able to have their wing movement be echoed through the new pair of arms that could be fitted on them via a small armor piece on their chest.

Wyvera was born along with her sister on a solstice night about a Wyvern generation into the NSWS space fairing age. Technology developed by the Wyverns thanks to other species of the planet constantly hiring them for their skills. Which quickly amounted to more than enough for the Wyverns to focus on mostly technology and self preservation. And it's the self preservation that led to them developing space travel. This planet would never remain safe for them.

Wyvera was born at a small ground-level outpost village that ment to serve as a trading post between their species and the other dominant species of the world. Unfortunately just after their eggs were laid the outpost was raided for its technology and valuables. This killed most of the outposts' inhabitants, but some managed to flee. So did Wyvera's unborn sister with their parents. But in all the chaos and destruction, Wyvera was lost...

...Until she one day reappeared at the then desolated outpost, searching for her past. Turns out she was found as an egg, was deemed valuable and a spacetrader had interest in her egg as an commodity. But the dominant species not being the brightest, they never checked the heritage or contents of her egg. So she hatched in the cargohold of a small interstellar freighter, where she was cared for and educated until her early puberty. The big cargo hold of the vessle allowed her to train her wings a bit, though not allot. And quickly it became clear she required more dexterity to work with the ships machinery. So the captain ordered a surgeon in to help her gain some actuators.
The surgeon being of questionable reputation had no idea how to help her gain dexterity without making the limbs permanently attached, so her first pair of 'training wheels' would soon become permanent. The extra limbs were simple pain and agony for her, due to her still growing and the limbs of course not budging.

It was not soon after that the cargo vessel was attacked by Proton Pirates (names so by having their technology and weapons based on old fashioned but sturdy proton tech) killing most of the crew and forcing her and the last survivors to flee the ship. They shortly were able to steer clear of the Proton Pirates by hiding in a small outpost on a habitable planet of unknown location.
It was not for long that the Proton Pirates discovered her and the crew and took them. Here she served a short while with the crew, who deemed her actuators ridiculous and as a feet of torment ripped them from her.
She was somehow able to flee into Innerspace Federation controlled area (a neutral bond between many factions and worlds, including Sol) where she could tend to her wounds. Due to her being picked up by the Innerspace Federation Defence Force (space army) and serving there a short while, she was granted new actuators, as she would be worth way more this way to the Defence Force. Unfortunately the pre-existing implants still hold on to her, and were deemed irremovable. In stead the high-class surgeons opted for removable actuators, leaving the implant in peace. Thus allowing her to have optional implants.

Due to the direct connection with her implants she quickly became valuable as Tech Special Ops and Tech Attack and Execute. With having various modified weapons and mobile armors specially retrofitted so she could control them with her standard inplants. It was also thanks to these implants that she could move all her limbs without issue, something which the NSWS thus far was unable to do, due to their methods being non-intrusive.

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