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RPG Class Badges! by Dragonmelde

RPG Class Badges!


Mini character sheets for your sona!

I can do these for your DnD or Pathfinder character too!

The Details

  • Any Species, including fantasy rpg races!

  • Any Gender

  • Any Class

You get to choose:

  • What Class is your character? I’ll design the armor/garb to fit the class!

  • What level? Traditionally 1-20 in D&D, but who cares! You can be your age, or anything you want!

  • What stats? You get to choose your exact stats for Strength, Dexterity, Constitution, Intelligence, Wisdom, and Charisma. Are you strong? Or perhaps wise?

  • What HP?

The Fine Print

  • $75. I will send you an invoice

  • I use Square for invoices, not Paypal. Please let me know if this is an issue.

  • Complex character fees may apply

  • No wings! Because they are busts, wings will not be shown.

  • Digital delivery. Printing and shipping is an extra $5.

  • I can provide a version without the stats so you can use it as an icon or on your DnD/Pathfinder character sheet. It's free, so just ask if you want one.

PM or Email me if interested!
Telegram: @/dragonmelde
*Please be ready to use email as your primary form of contact once money is exchanged. A paper trail keeps us both safe.

(c)dragonmelde2020 and the character's owner


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