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"Subculture Summer" Wing-its NOW OPEN by Dragonmelde

"Subculture Summer" Wing-its NOW OPEN


Examples of past wing-its here:



  • You pick the day, send me your character, and I'll do the rest! I'll design a totally rad subculture fashion piece for you!

  • Each day will have ONE slot only

  • Each commission will be completed the day shown on the calendar.- I will mark off purchased days on the calendar.

  • These are wing-it/artistic liberty style commissions! This means that you will NOT get to see the finished piece before it is completed and you do not get any input other than what is on your reference sheet. These commissions are discounted for that reason! My goal is to fit your character into the theme, so choose wisely. (Ex: A character will be drawn as a bloody mess if you choose Slasher Flicks, even if your reference sheet says "pacifist", or a male character will be genderbent if you choose Spring Goddess)

  • Single character only. Full body illustrations.

  • Please have a reference sheet, good reference images (flat color preferred), or a good description of your character (simple bulleted lists preferred). Please note: if you only have a written ref, I may have to infer how certain things look if you fail to include (common issues are mouth color, nose color, etc). These wing-its are NOT meant for character design commissions, so I will not be discussing your character's design with you or making changes to the finished piece to "fix" something not included on the written ref. (honest mistakes I may make, such a me misreading a color or forgetting a marking, especially on drawn ref sheets, will be fixed at no extra cost)

  • No Custom Backgrounds at this time, but you may add one after the month for the regular background price.

  • DIGITAL ONLY. Printing and shipping may be added later for the regular price.

  • IF YOU COMMISSION ME THE DAY OF YOUR DESIRED SLOT- Depending on the time of day and commission level selected, you may have to wait until the following day for completion.

Payment and getting a slot

  • The first person to contact me will have a limited "hold" for payment. Then there will be a queue if anyone else contacts me for the same slot. If Person 1 does not pay in a timely manner, I will cancel their slot and go to the next in line. Please make sure you are ready to pay when you contact me otherwise you will forfeit your slot!

  • Complex Character fees may apply

Content Warning

  • None of these commissions will be pornographic in nature unless explicitly stated on the date (ie "NSFW"). Otherwise, the only nudity that may be possible is "Disney" nude. However, flirty "pin-up" poses and dark themes including blood and gore are possible. SFW pin-ups are VERY likely.

Email me or PM me on Telegram* if you're interested!

@ dragonmelde
I will need your email ASAP if you use Telegram. Your payment invoice will be sent via email, and I will need a your ref via email as well. Email-based paper trails keep us both safe!


Regular commissions also available!

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