Anthrocon Combo Preorders! Time is running out! by Dragonmelde

Anthrocon Combo Preorders! Time is running out!


30 May 2019 at 12:00:06 MDT

Are you going to AC? Do you like the Surf's Up theme?? Grab a Combo Special preorder before it's too late! Orders close on June 4th or if slots fill up!

What's a Combo Special? 
You get a con-themed badge of your character AND an original pin-up of your character in this scene for a discounted price! Regularly these two together would cost $160, but if as the preorder they are only $110
These are artistic liberty/wing-it style commissions!
Order form here:

The fine print:
-You MUST be attending AC 2019 to order unless you are a member of the Wyrmling's Hoard tier on my Patreon!
-You will recieve a physical copy of your badge at AC 2019. Pin-ups are delivered digitally, but you may add on printing for a small fee.
-These are artistic liberty/wing-it commissions. You send me your character and a single word expression and I will design the rest. Unlike regular commissions, you will not see the sketch stage. The only changes that can be made are if I make a mistake on your character's design that I should have easily seen on your reference sheet.
-All combo special pin-ups will feature this background. You may not request changes to it.

Commissions available!
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