DragonGirl: Tricked ya again! by DragonLavinia

DragonGirl: Tricked ya again!


8 June 2019 at 15:11:50 MDT

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I'm having fun with this fleshed out DG coloring style so here's more.
Daemon is...I'd hesistat to call him the main villain, but his actions do influence DragonGirl a lot and with how much he messes with her, he's basically a pretty notable nemesis. I hesitate to call him main villain purely because I don't believe in main villains when it comes to stuff with superheroes, unless a big bad is stated from the beggining and the series ends when hes defeated.
Daemon is sorta an odd mix between the Joker and Loki. He either does villainy for the lulz or to gain major power. Has basically no shame and will pull any trick to assure both survival and freedom. And not bat an eye on it. Rarely even gets mad, just focuses his energy on plan B instead. His motivation is odd, but I guess he mainly just enjoys being a villain, without outright aknowledging it.
Again his actions can range from trolling to extreme maliciousness to even help. Don't care, heroes are dumb, being good is dumb.
Daemon is also notable for being one of the few magic villains, as magic is... not so much rare in the DGverse but more hidden and less disposable towards villains, mostly one shot villains.

DragonGirl, Daemon and art (c) ME!

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