Inktober day 19: Scorched by DragonLavinia

Inktober day 19: Scorched


19 October 2018 at 13:38:27 MDT

A bit of a paralel pic to number 3.

As I mentioned before, DragonGirl is immune to fire and heat in general. Which may seem OP, but the balance to that is that... to be honest, it's a bit of a one trick pony. Sure, people who use fire can't harm her much, but what about the other way around? Those that are immune to fire usually get the other side of the coint: brute force. But what if they're stronger too?
This isn't so uncommon in a superhero universe, where everyone is pretty overpowered. In this case tho, this villain in particular is more of a similar vibe to Doomsday: that one really strong one shot villain that counters the main by just being buff as fuck.
Of course, I drew it a bit in a silly manner but DragonGirl is meant to be sorta semi-serious (basically best compared to things like Teen Titans...the original show, not the parody).

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