Inktober day 4: Spell by DragonLavinia

Inktober day 4: Spell


4 October 2018 at 08:54:30 MDT

Now finally for a series I haven't really shown on here... AT ALL!
Well kinda. When I was a wee bab on DA, I wanted to make a werewolf comic called Moon Fighters. I had thoughts of remaking it and such but.... I realised something was very off about that comic: it wasn't the vibe I was going for. Admitedly, back then I was influenced by a lot of werewolves comics on the web, chock full of modern day werewolves.... But in my case with my story, it ended up less of what I wanted and more.... magical girl plot, funny enough.
I realised the setting wasn't the best, the powers weren't well implemented to give the mood I was going for and that I live in fucking ROMANIA which should be used to influence my goddamn stories involving monsters that were popularised by using TRANSYLVANIA (WHICH IS PART OF ROMANIA, FYI!)... yeah. So I sorta... rebooted? I guess is a better term? But that's all I'll say for now as it is very much in the works.
...still have a few designs from it tho. 8D

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