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Comm/COS: Injuria Praestigaie stained glass by DragonLavinia

Comm/COS: Injuria Praestigaie stained glass


Commission for Thylanos on DA of our Circle of Shadows OCT team in a stained glass mural.

Technically it was less of a commission and more of a kicks thintg, but Derek threw money at my face so I was like "Fuck it!".
Wrath would probably be pissy to share her all so important stained glass immagery with 3 other inferior idiots, but then again... its kinda fitting for them all to be in a mural. Maria is clearly religiou, O'Nahir is immortal and Steve, while a small one, is also a demon... so sorry, Wrath, you have to deal with these idiots!
The position were basically decided by race and connections: humans at top, demons at bottom, Wrath next to Maria because contract. das all!

I don't have these types of commissions listed, but if you want one, I charge the same as my painting shading style pics for this one per character. Plus some extra if you want extra details in the bg:

Want a commission? My prices are here:

Maria (c) Thylanos on DA
O'nahir (c) Helios-No-Jinn on DA
Steve (c) haffenhoff27 on DA
Wrath (c) me!

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