Northern gifts by DragonLavinia

Northern gifts


27 April 2017 at 17:24:24 MDT


You know yer immature when you attempt to draw something a bit more fancy and artistic, yet you still point out immature stuff.
Short explanation is needed. Basically we had an art exposition/event at my college. And yeah hint, it'ss not actually an art college so I HAD to get into it. So I basically went ham. It's been a while since I drew something purely for fun... It's been a while since I drew something completely RANDOM!

The idea of the pic is simple: An exchange between the sky and the snow in the area of the North Pole. The northern arctic, being interpreted as a woman made of ice and snow, offers the sky a star, more special then the ones it already has on it's body: the northern star.
Northern sky, being interpreted as basically a space dragon entity, offers in exchange the Aureolis Borealis to light up the sky only for the Northern Snow.

I enjoyed making this since it's way more abnormal than what I usually do, in the place of the style, the painting style and basically the character designs. And the perspective a bit, but it didn't turn out perfect... But I hope you enjoy!

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